A Week of Sunrises Jan 30 - Feb 5  

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Wednesday: I caught a blurred picture of a partial moon in the sky

Then I happily snapped the first good sunrise in a while with pink color, but then...

..as I was leaving the colors had deepened and I had to take another shot.

and one more for good measure

Thursday: A gray day + orbs, bonus! (it's possible the orbs were snowflakes, but they didn't flash like last week's photograph)

The clouds lingered, but no snow was expected.

Saturday: I got up early to clean the apartment. Aren't you jealous?

and the crescent moon

Sunday: A thunderstorm turns to freezing rain and sleet.

Monday: Fog

Tuesday: Enlarge to see the flash reflecting off rain drops. Sorry, Evo, they're not stars.

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