reading list part III  

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I just finished reading Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson. In the end it was a pretty good story, but it was a bit of a slog for a while. Even as much as I enjoy the history of ancient religions, it had me yawning a few times. And the programmer bits didn't seem realistic (not Swordfish unrealistic, but still unrealistic). The characters were also a bit one-dimensional (though I really liked Hiro).

But overall, I think the author pulled it off and the story came together in the end. I wouldn't recommend the book to everyone though. If you liked Neuromancer you will either like it or find it a copycat. It's updated and has some interesting ideas, but Stephenson doesn't do it as well as Gibson.

My next couple of books are books I received for Christmas. Though this one I received last Christmas. I'm a bit behind. And I still have 4-5 borrowed books to finish too. Time flies too fast in the evenings.

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