Monday, October 02, 2006

Last Tuesday the house was listed and Saturday I finally got the remaining items we had in the basement. The house is empty, clean, and about as good as it's ever going to look without a bigger investment of money than I want to put into it. It only took, oh, about 8 months.

The apartment is getting into decent shape too. Almost everything that we're not using has been moved down to the basement. There's about 3-5 more boxes I need to go through and I need to clean up/organize my desk.

I just got this from my agent:

"I just talked to Eric.
He told me everything is good except the Neighbors.
They don't like the neighbors park their boat on their back yard."

Yeah, well I don't either. I suggest they put up a privacy fence if they really are interested in the house. This same "neighbor" complained to me about the leaks in his basement as he allowed trees to grow in his gutters. It's true, they were seedlings, but they were easily recognizable as maples.

He went on and on about how he wanted the house taken car of because it was "mom's house" and then rented it out to people that didn't mow the lawn and left trash in the yard. They've been better the past couple of years and really, the house next door looks better than it has since six months after I moved in (when they tore down the garage and moved everything that was stuffed into it into the back yard).

Ugh. I really hate hypocrites. Even more than I hate neighbors that bring down property values.

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